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Financial Documents

At the Council meeting on the 10th February 2020 the Financial Regulations were amended to clarify how payments are authorised between meetings and when banking arrangements are reviewed. Please clink on the link to see the latest version of the Financial Regulations.

The latest documents with regard to the annual audit may be found here and the notice of the finalisation of the audit is here. We apologise for the poor quality of the scan, unfortunately this is what we've been provided with. If any resident has any questions then please get in touch with Lizzie or a Councillor.  

Standing Orders

Standing Orders are the written rules of the Parish Council. They are used to confirm internal organisation, administrative and procurement procedures and procedural matters for meetings. They are not the same as policies for the Council. Meetings of full Council, Councillors, the Responsible Financial Officer and Proper Officer are subject to many statutory requirements, the Standing Orders for Wilstead Parish Council may be seen here.