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Parish Council Notices 

Local Plan 2040 Consultation

Thanks to everyone who attended the recent open day at the Village Hall. The Parish Council have submitted a robust response to this strategic growth option paper which may be found here

Next Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting is now Monday 11th October and will take place in the village hall at 7pm. The next one will be Monday 22nd November 2021. 

Our Borough Councillor's latest update is here

Notice Boards

Look out for the new village notice boards which will be going up over the next few weeks. You'll find official notices as well as space for local information to be displayed. 

Wilstead Village Hall

At the WVHMC meeting held in July, Sandra Spinks became the new Chair. She can be contacted at

If you'd like to book the hall rates and information on hiring may be found at

Audit Notice 2021

The latest Audit Notice may be found here

Wanted: Parish Councillors

Please come and help shape your village. Are you interested in the life of Wilstead, your local environment, recreational facilities, local transport, planning and housing issues, just a few of the areas where we get involved to help make a difference to our community. 

We have two cacancies, will you come and join us? 

If you'd like more details please get in touch with Lizzie and see this notice

Bin Collections

Bedford Borough Council will no longer provide a bin collection schedule. You can download you calendar here. Please remember that orange sacks are also no longer provided, full updates are on the council website. 


If you are self isolating and don't have family or friends who are able to support you then Bedford Borough Council's Community Hub can assist with everyday things such as essential shopping and collecting mediacation. If you need help contact them on 01234 718101 or email them at  You can also stay up to date with Covid advice in our area at

Land on Bedford Road

The Parish Council has the opportunity to adopt the piece of land on Bedford Road, next to the balancing pond. It's on the left hand side as you exit the village, where travellers have previously encamped. 

The site could potentially be deveoped for recreational activities for the residents of Wilstead and Wixams. 

Graeme Coombes, our local Borough Councillor, is investigating funding for development. 

The site is large enough for covered seating, perhaps a skate board area, an outdoor gym, a BMX track, a running track etc. Or a combination of some of these. Alternatively it could be planted with trees. 

Discussions are currently taking place so this is a real possibility.

We're consulting with residents and potential user groups of all ages as to what could be sourced and installed, funding permitted.

If you have any comments please get in touch here


There's lots of help and advice available on the Borough Council website which can be found here

If you are self isolating and don't have family or friends local to support you, then Bedford Borough Council's Community Hub can help with things like shopping and prescriptions, if you need assistance email them here, or call them on 01234 718101


If your run a not for profit organisation within the village then you may be able to apply for a grant frm the Parish Council, application forms are available here

Other funding streams can be found here


New to Wilstead? 

Welcome to the village, there's lot going on to get involved with. For further information please see our village website which can be found here.